Visit our new pastry shop
DESEO in Browary Warszawskie
Open every day from 11.00 till 21.00.
Address: Krochmalna 59 (map)

DESEO in Browary Warszawskie is a second DESEO pastry shop opened by the company in March 2021. DESEO was opened on the 17 th of March in totally new investment – Browary Warszawskie. The place is very special – there is a long story behind this part of Warsaw. Now the area of Grzybowska, Wronia, Ch艂odna and Krochmalna streets will be again a lively place, hopefully full of people. Soon on the restored area of old Warsaw Breweries there will be a place full of restaurants, pastry shops, coffee shops and other gastronomic concepts. It will be a great place for foodies and… it has already started! 馃檪

DESEO opened their new pastry shop in Warsaw on 17th of March. This time we decided to open our patisserie in a new and very interesting investment – Browary Warszawskie.聽 The area in which Browary are located has a long story behind. Many years ago in this part of Warsaw, at Grzybowska street, you could find the brewery of Haberbusch and Schiele that was nationalized in 1946. Breweries in Warsaw were producing beer from 1954 to 2003. Also first bottles of Coca Cola in Poland were produced here in 1972! After the closure of breweries in 2003, the area was rather neglected and in 2007 almost empty! Now the place between聽 Grzybowska, Wronia, Ch艂odna and Krochmalna will gain a totally new life! New investment, called Browary Warszawskie (Warsaw Breweries), will be soon a place full of different gastronomic concepts! It is already “must visit” for every foodie – either from Warsaw or for tourists! It was sure that DESEO has to be there also!

Browary Warszawskie are not only food & restaurants but also many places where people can gather and spend time together – squares, courtyards and city gardens.

DESEO in Browary Warszawskie has very special design. Beautiful and elegant counter is the main point of this pastry shop. We can say it reminds old patisseries. Long sofa is another point that attracts guests’ attention – it reminds velvety creme patissiere placed on the cake. The layers of DESEO cakes and desserts were the inspiration to create such a design here. We already invite you to visit our DESEO in Browary Warszawskie. You will find there our petit gateau, bigger cakes, ice cream, coffee, tea, bean-to-bar chocolates and also desserts closed in jars – DESEO TO GO. You can also pick up your order from DESEO e-shop in Browary Warszawskie.

DESEO is open every day from 11.00 till 21.00.

Address: Krochmalna 59

phone: 889 304 274


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